Sunday, 3 October 2010

Agenda For Monday, October 4th

Tomorrow is going to be a really busy and exciting day. Here's the schedule:

8.30 - Gathering of the BNN film crew, me and the beautician at the beauty salon. Here the electrolysis treatment will be demonstrated, and the beautician will answer some questions. This should take about half an hour.

9.30 - The film crew and I return to my place where I'll have an interview and we'll look at the MRI images and some other materials.

11.30 - Pieter, I and the film crew leave for the UMCG hospital in Groningen. This is a 1.5 hour drive. We take half an hour extra as buffer in case something goes wrong.

13.30 - Appointment at UMCG hospital. The film crew remains outside the hospital. Start of urological examination. Aside from an ultrasound and other examination of the prostate nothing else is known about what will happen there, let alone how they'll figure out whether I have a vagina or that it is something else. It's also not known when I'll get the results.

After appointment - After Pieter and I leave the hospital there'll possibly be another interview on the results of the examination, after which we'll drive home to my place again. Maybe another interview at my place.

For October 17th when the shooting at the swimming pool will take place I have encountered only enthusiasm for doing an interview among the people I asked. I figured out who to contact to ask for permission to shoot at the swimming pool. By Tuesday this should be settled.

Also, this program I'm appearing in is now definitely called 'Je zal het maar zijn' ('Imagine being like this', roughly translated), and airs on channel 3 (Nederland 3). When the episode featuring me will be aired is still unknown to me.


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