Friday, 29 October 2010

The Great Clashing Of Opinions

There are many sayings about opinions, most of them true, which all seem to come down to that there are a lot of opinions out there, at least as many as there are people on this planet, and that most of these opinions are unequivocally wrong. Who ever said that to voice an opinion you'd need to make it informed, after all? Just employ your vocalization apparatus, exercise those digits at the ends of your frontal limbs or employ a more obscure method and you too can voice an opinion. Intelligence is optional.

There's also another saying, one referring to one's intention to defend the right of everyone to voice such opinions. In my opinion this statement requires refinement, some adjustment to compensate for the more outrageous and least informed opinions. Not everyone enjoys basking in the surreptious stench of other people's uninformed wastes. And boy, there is some stench out there.

One such occasion occurred only yesterday when I was browsing the traffic statistics for my sites, and noticed traffic from a particular Dutch forum I had frequented before. In my naivity I ventured towards it again, considering it a good opportunity to use my upcoming TV appearance as a talking point.

Before I knew it, the topic I had thus created descended into a churning whirlpool of baseless accusations, poorly informed questions and statements and a lot of hurtful comments. Much like with previous attempts to even address the concept of intersexuality on other Dutch forums. Not that it's just Dutch people who seem to be very hostile when it comes to this subject, but they are the most vicious by far. It has convinced me to no longer frequent such a place.

To make it perfectly clear, I no longer feel the desire to defend myself against the uninformed masses. If they lack the mental capacity to figure things out for themselves, that's their problem. I'm willing to listen and respond to serious questions and comments, but everything else isn't even parsed any longer. Life is too short to deal with such feculent matters.

There's also the unsettling effect such accusations have on my mood, as they break open the seal I have put around the disturbing realization that I do not know who or what I am, only what I can and can't do. Life isn't easy when the involvement of one's own existence into one's observations only leads to upsetting questions and an abhorring lack of answers.

Until such answers have been found, I'm a mere freak of nature, a medical curiousity, without the same rights as regular people. There's no need to hold back one's scorching remarks and jokes at my expense for this reason. I was put on this world for exactly that purpose after all. I have no feelings which can get hurt, and I never long for loving and caring attention.

So please, do not hold back those opinions.


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