Sunday, 24 October 2010

Life's Many Paths

Today so far is a better day than yesterday. Last night I had to take a second sleeping pill in a row because the same thoughts kept churning through my head. Hopefully a third sleeping pill won't be necessary tonight. It would probably freak out my GP if she heard I was taking this many sleeping pills. to my credit, though, I skipped a few nights as well.

I went to the swimming pool by myself and didn't expect to see any of the others, but instead two of the regulars joined me there as well, both fun guys. We chatted a lot about movies, computers, video games and even managed to swim a bit. It was lots of fun. I also learned that at least one of them works at the VUMC hospital, a place which I'm intimately familiar with, sadly. Neither of them knows about my 'secret' as far as I know. After November 9th's broadcast, which I did tell them about, it'll be interesting to hear their responses.

This morning it felt like a lot of pieces suddenly fell into place; my troubles of yesterday and weeks before that seem so easy to solve now, albeit pleasant solutions are quite rare when it comes to relationships. In life everyone follows their own path, which sometimes intertwine with those of others, allowing them to walk together for a moment, which can be anywhere from a few minutes while chatting in the train or at a queue, or last many years. The fact of life is that all of these paths will one day separate again.

I'm finding myself in a situation where my own path doesn't follow that of certain people around me, some I have already lost sight of, others I will say my farewells to soon whether everyone knows it already or not. It's always a sad thing when one's path no longer follows that of someone one cares about, but nobody said life is fair, right? :)


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