Saturday, 9 October 2010


Occasionally one comes across people who'll do something to help you without asking for anything in return, just because they can help you. Other times people contact you to thank you for something you did for them a while ago, and you don't even really remember any more, but they're still very grateful. Such as this one friend request on Facebook, which included the (edited) message:

"I e-mailed you just under a year ago -- your posts helped the most important woman in my life understand why she wasn't able to learn the way her teachers always expected her to. I'd love to be able to follow your experiences as I don't know of many stronger people out there."

Then there was this one American woman who sent me a friend request (also on Facebook) a while ago, telling me that she had been reading my blog for a while already. Then, in a discussion on the disappointing hospital appointment last Monday, she offered to ask and mail around to see whether any places there in the US may be interested in my case (See discussion). Today I'm going to write the letter she will be sending, and she has already phoned a few places, some of which seemed interested, albeit asking for more details.

I think it's awesome that people like her can just selflessly commit themselves to a task which means so much to another person. It may mean that I will be going to the US in a few months time, to serve there as a study object for doctors there, doctors who will be just as interested in learning the facts about my condition as myself. All because of one helpful person.

Thank you.


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