Saturday, 16 February 2008

Back To You, Jim~

Well, yesterday's post sure was an example of why I shouldn't drive while dru... er, blog while in emotional turmoil. Reading back, I almost want to slap myself in the face for being so icky and emotional and such. Good thing I'm against violence.

Today I attempted to install this CMS called Moodle for a client and ran almost immediately into a big issue. Accessing the install.php script of it after uploading the CMS's files resulted in a completely blank page. Doing some research, I found that I'm not alone in this issue, but a solution appears to be absent, although it seems to be related to Moodle being picky about PHP settings. This being a shared server, there's a chance of between negative and zero that they'll change the php.ini's settings just for me, especially with me not knowing exactly what the issue is. All I know is that it installed just fine on my laptop, with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, while the older versions on the webhost are giving issues. My bet is on Moodle simply being poorly written code, with lots of ugly hacks to keep it from falling apart. The friggin' thing is 37 MB unzipped so I can see why they have lost control over it.


Anyway, I'm completely behind on piles of work, and tomorrow I won't have much time to work on it all, so I'll have to be really productive tomorrow when I return from the family gathering. Talking about which, I felt quite miserable earlier today when I realized that I hadn't heard anything yet about the parcel with medicine for my hormone treatment, which I had ordered about 3 weeks ago. Right when I had calmed down from a few emotional outbursts related to this, I got a text message from my mother (I had used her address) that the parcel had arrived. Yay. She'll also be coming to Hoorn tomorrow, just like me, to visit a friend. She'll be taking the parcel with her so that I can pick it up there.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 7.30 AM, the train departs at 8.53, swimming from 10.00 to 12.00, then eating pancakes for a few hours after that. 16.00 I'll pick up the parcel and talk a bit with my mother and friend, to then return home at around 17.00 and back to work ;)

It'll be the first time I'll be swimming in general in about 6 years and the first time ever in bikini. Wish me luck :D

I think my hair is about dry now... time to go to bed. See you all tomorrow :)


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