Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Sickeningly Productive~

Last night I went to bed at around 2 AM yet again, but for a very good reason. A conversation and cam session on MSN with a Norwegian friend which started about my epilated eyebrows devolved after a while into another crying and sniffling session from my side. I feel kind of bad for him, exposing him to more of whining me after 5 weeks of it in Norway :P

Anyway, I got up at around 8 AM and from there on the day is a bit of a blur. I remember talking to some people, feeling really tired yet still deciding to continue working on some things I had left lying around for a long time now. I also read over 80 pages of the AD&D handbook I got from Mr Nice Guy, so that I can participate in the gaming with his friends. I feel like writing an AD&D game now :P

Once I'm in Almere I have to find a place where they perform so-called Blend hair removal, which combines laser/IPL with electrolysis. It's the most effective method. Not exactly cheap, but I should get all my money back anyway. I'll be so happy if I get good news the 20th.

Other things to take care of in Almere: buying a bicycle, 'moving' myself to the local branch of my bank, getting my stuff back from the moving company and finding an apartment, the latter being more long-term, obviously. First I need to take care of everything financial so that I can rent something officially in the first place.

I finally wrote down the points I wish to discuss at the VUMC, as they're the things which bother me the most about my IS condition:
- living with multiple identities, with piles of problems because of it.
- An inability to feel truly female, with a virtually invisible (from the outside) and practically unusable vagina, in addition to facial hair growth and all the emotional issues which come with it.
- Health concerns. How my IS condition has already affected me and will affect me in the future if left untreated.

Central in this is also that I don't see the fact that I have a proto-penis as a major obstacle to living a normal life. Yes, it's not 'normal', but nothing can ever change the fact that I was born IS and hell, I am allowed to find it at least somewhat interesting and a part of who I am.

Sometimes you just have to be happy with the things which aren't a problem to begin with.


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