Monday, 11 February 2008

Sorry About That~

If one needed more proof that I use this blog just to whine and complain whenever I'm alone, just look at the updates the past weekend. Indeed, there were none :P Sorry about that ^_^

So Friday I got picked up by Mr Nice Guy. At his place we watched movies until it was nearly 4 AM, then passed out (well, I did at least). The next morning I was dragged out of bed by him because it was around 11 AM already, and we had to be at friend B's house by 12. At around 12.40 we finally arrived.

For me it was the first time to meet B in real life, and she and I definitely got along that day. She was painting shelves inside, while I sanded them down outside on the balcony until her friend (M) came home and took over my job. Later, after a refreshing shower, we (me, B, M and Mr Nice Guy) sat down at the dinner table to eat. A few hours later we'd go to the cinema, so after dinner the guys went to play by themselves, while B and I went to the bedroom for some girl stuff :P

In between some girl talk also involving lingerie and more, I had to go lie down on the bed to have my eyebrows epilated. Another first for me. It hurts quite a bit, but the result is more than worth it :D Also, guys are incapable of seeing the difference between epilated and non-epilated eyebrows. At least those are my experiences so far :P

The movie we watched in the cinema was pretty cool, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. At the more bloody points I had to bury my face in Mr Nice Guy's sweater, though. It was a tad too gruesome for my taste or something ^_^ Afterwards we went back to B & M's place to drop them off. B went to bed already since she had an application talk the next morning, so NG, M and I talked for a bit. We went to bed at close to 2.30 AM that night :P

The next morning (Sunday, in case you haven't been keeping track) I woke up close to noon again. I'd be dropped off later that afternoon in Zaandam again, but first we had a long talk. What follows is some really shocking and/or happy news to some ;)

Essentially, NG has a nice big house with enough space for me to stay there for a while. I also met some really nice friends last weekend, and there are yet many more I haven't met yet. In essence I have decided to move to Almere and find there my own place as soon as I can afford it (financially).

It feels really good to have made this decision. Last night I even had a really interesting dream. If you may remember, I talked about dreams I had before, involving school and me feeling trapped there. Well, in this most recent dream I also was in school, but this time I was free. I felt no obligations, no pressure. I was just looking around instead of being trapped in a class room and feeling threatened by everything and everyone. It seems as though I have changed quite a bit in the past few days. Simply amazing.

When I returned home on Sunday, I found there a letter from the VUMC. With fear and excitement fighting over the right to claim my heart, I opened and read it. To my great relief and joy it was a confirmation letter for the complaint letter I had sent to the VUMC's complaint commission before. They just wanted me to know that they had accepted the complaint and wanted me to sign a document granting them access to my personal files the VUMC has. This document I mailed back earlier today. Within three months from now this whole issue should be resolved.

I also contacted the moving company, to tell them they can return my stuff to the address in Almere. My schedule looks as follows now: this week I'll be working, then Saturday there's the family gathering, Sunday nothing, Monday the move to Almere, Tuesday the moving company and Wednesday the appointment at the VUMC. Nicely crammed after each other :P

Today I got dragged to Amsterdam to do some shopping on the market there. I got a nice pink bracelet. A short while ago I was sitting downstairs with the lady of the house, and got some more jewelry from her. Really pretty stars, turtles and dragonflies as well as chains :D

Wish me luck on this next step in my Journey of Life~ (oh, the drama!) *giggles*


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