Sunday, 24 February 2008

Catching Up...

So it seems like my ritual of daily blog updates has been rudely disrupted. I personally blame the fact that I've got more and more people around me to talk to, and also that these people keep me occupied until I feel too tired to write a blog post :P

After Wednesday things got quite tough for me. During a cuddling session on Thursday I burst out in tears and cried for a few hours. I felt so incredibly useless and defective and so on. I also still don't understand why I'm being treated so cruelly by those medical 'experts'. I really don't know anything.

Yesterday was a lot more positive, though. First there was the appointment with my new physician (GP). She was a much nicer person than my previous GP, and seemed genuinely willing to help me. I just have to get my file back from my old GP so that I can give it to her to allow her to orient herself on this issue. I feel quite confident that she can do something for me.

Then there's my friend A, the medical student, who dropped by yesterday night for a talk. He had already read some of my blog (since I put it as my MSN message), so he wasn't fully unprepared. He repeatedly expressed his willingness to help me via his contacts in the medical world. We talked until close to 2 AM, after which Mr NG and I dropped him off at his house.

Today A called me, to ask some more things, mostly about how far I was willing to go. During his research today he found out that my condition is very rare, which'd mean that the right physicians would be more than interested in me, which could result in a lot of attention. I answered that I would be okay with such attention. As long as the facts are presented in a correct manner, more attention is always better, if only to get more attention for the issue of intersexuality.

Also today NG and I went into the city for some things, like shopping, getting a haircut (first time for me since November 2006) and I got to arrange some things I still had to take care of. We did however not find a suitable bike yet. Tomorrow we'll search some more. I'll also need to work like crazy on this one project, as it's running behind schedule thanks to those wonderful past days. Ah well.

Good night, decent people~


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