Thursday, 14 February 2008

Where Did Today Vanish Off To?

Seriously, despite waking up at 8 AM this morning and it being nearly midnight now, I feel as though I've done seriously close to nothing. Most noteworthy has to be the fact that I watched some speed runs of games (Fable and Zelda: Ocarina of Time), and did some more work on my own version of OoT's story. Yes, I love writing stories :)

I put together the fairy statue my friend bought me before I went back to the Netherlands. It's standing on my desk now, but will find a really pretty place on a shelf once I'm in my room in Almere. I really can't wait on Monday, it seriously seems like an eternity. I still feel strangely elated, however, with things finally appearing to have fallen into place and nothing big to arrange anymore. The prospect of being homeless really frightens me, I guess.

Today I also spent at least an hour on dressing myself up in the clothes and such I'll be wearing next Saturday, during the family gathering. I'm fairly sure most of the people there will have no idea what to expect to see, even if they've been informed about me already, so I intend to make sure this first impression after 10+ years is a favourable one :D

I haven't heard anything back from the moving company yet. I wish they'd confirm the date on which they'll give me back my things. I'll be so glad once that is all taken care of, not to mention that I'll finally know what the financial damage is for this joke. At least I won't have to pay much rent, so I won't go for Ultra-Broke (tm) just yet.

I also finally got a copy of the Dutch newspaper with the article about me, as published on December 29th, 2007. As I suspected no link to my blog was included, despite the assurance by the journalist girl that it'd be added. I asked her about this and also whether this'd be corrected in future publications. I think I'll get a response tomorrow. Things like this are just annoying.

Today I napped for about 3 hours and had dozens of small dreams, some of which took place in the house where I lived from when I was about 2 years old until I was 20. They were all 'airy' and generally carefree dreams, which is a good sign. The only thing I really could use more of these days is chocolate. Piles and piles of bars of pure chocolate. Yes, I'm a chocolate addict :P

Happy chocolate-filled dreams~


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