Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Here We Go Again~

This day was in all ways astounding and perplexing. I also didn't get to eat breakfast, and had a really late lunch. At least I slept for around 10 hours. Not bad.

First thing was that I got called out of bed by my phone by a guy who wanted me to offer another room I could rent. Since it was too small, I declined. This had to be a good sign, I thought to myself. Then I turned on the screen of my laptop, and checked my email, to see that the woman of the place I was going to see tomorrow had sent me an email informing me that she wouldn't be in Enschede for a while and thus I wouldn't be able to see the place for a while. This means that a good candidate just fell off the list and that I fell back to square one.

Feeling somewhat down about this sudden news, I began to look for backup plans. Moving in with this friend in Almere I went out with during the weekend seemed like a good option, since he has a lot of space in his house and since he lives alone he wouldn't mind the company. At this point my mother called me and I informed her about this as well. She agreed that the Almere option was a good one and felt happy for me that I have such a good friend.

Then I got another phone call. Somewhat annoyed as I considered that it'd probably be yet another person trying to cram me and my entire company into a tiny room, I answered the call. To my surprise it was a girl who was looking at renting an apartment in Enschede and who was wondering whether I'd like to rent it together with her, so that'd we'd live there together. Of course I agreed and with some luck we'll find a nice apartment to rent soon.

So with Tuesday all open, I've decided to spend it working on some projects. Hopefully I can do a lot of work :) It's about darn time that I'd finish some projects, some of which have languished for years now. Ah well.

Another phone call I got was from the VUMC to inform me that my appointment with the endocrinologist had been moved to the 20th from the 13th, so that he could talk with me for 30 minutes instead of the regular 10 minutes. I was also asked to email the scan of the MRI analysis report. Apparently they do seem to be taking it seriously, though I'd wish they'd hurry now. I'm dying to know what they're planning to do with me, and how long it'll be until my surgery. Yes, I'm impatient :D

So tomorrow work, then a trip to my grandparents to help fix their and my brother's computer (the lazy git). On Saturday I'll probably go to the cinema again with the Almere friend as well as some of his friends. I'm really looking forward to it :)


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