Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Busy Busy Busy~

It's nearly 1 AM now, but I felt I had to provide some updates, just to show that a) I'm not dead, b) I'm not a mean person and c) I still like kittens. Don't ask me how writing this post proves the latter, though.

On Sunday I tried to finish this one project for my Norwegian friend, and failed. I also failed to complete it on Monday, but with a little help from my Canadian friend I managed to finish it this morning in the nick of time. Unless something goes really wrong, I'll get a nice amount of money from it early next month. I can't wait for it.

After finishing this work I didn't feel like doing anything today, so I spent the rest of the day mostly reading books and watching movies alone and with NG. I realized how tired I was from the stress and lack of sleep. I really need to be careful not to overburden myself.

Some progress today: Friend A is going to talk with someone who can possibly help me next Tuesday. Another friend Aa, in Australia, who also happens to be a medical student, also offered to help me a few days ago and today he sent me an update, telling me that he has some top medical people searching for some experts who might be interested in me. Absolutely wonderful.

Today I also mailed the update letter to the complaint commission, so that they're aware of the events last Wednesday as well. More positively I received the UPSs I had ordered at an online shop last Friday. It's nice to have clean, filtered backed-up power for one's critical systems :D

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I've got an appointment in the city in the morning, after which I'll go to city hall to get me registered in Almere, followed by some shopping. After lunch I'll get on my bike into town to get my data moved to my bank here, followed by some more shopping. Tons of fun.

Then, after dinner it'll be time for my second AD&D night, this time here at NG's house. I'm planning to wear one of the dresses I bought for this occasion. Seems like fun ;)

See you whackos tomorrow again~