Thursday, 14 February 2008

It's Not That I Dislike You, I Just Want To Be Alone Right Now~

A Happy Valentine to all of you, I guess. I'm not really sure what the point of this day is, though, as I've never participated in its activities in any form or shape. I bet it can be pretty fun, though.

Today I finally solved the issues with the webserver on my laptop. After a manual reinstallation of PHP I finally got some error messages and then quickly found the solution: libmysql.dll needs to be moved from the PHP root folder to WINDOWS/system32 so that it's in the system path. Now it all works and I can finally move on with my work.

Talking about work, I got a new project, this one to be completed next week and involving modifying a Flash-based videoplayer by adding some features. It'll be quite a rush to cram it into my already busy schedule, but I'm sure I can pull it off.

I got the bill from the moving company today for their services. 1,800 Euro. I immediately paid so that they'll quickly give me back my stuff.

I'd talk more, but I'm feeling not very talkative right now. I just had a long talk with my Canadian friend mostly involving my rape and then about my recent 'adventures'. I just can't deal with how strongly he feels for me. When I tried to open myself to a relationship with him last year I nearly snapped from the emotional stress. I just don't want to have to care about any stupid relationships. Nobody said I ever need to get one, so get those horrible things away from me.

Yes, I recalled more things from the rape earlier and I cried a lot and then felt furious. This little flame of pure hatred is growing nice and strong now. Just a little longer and I'll no longer have to suffer under these thoughts and memories.

Goodnight, everyone.


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