Sunday, 17 February 2008

So Long And Hello New Things~

Today I didn't do much more than work a bit and whine a lot about how sore my muscles are today (thanks to the exercise yesterday :P ), in addition to feeling very tired. I did manage to nearly finish the AD&D Player Handbook, though, in preparation for my first battles on Wednesday (following the battle in Amsterdam ;) ).

I'm not sure what else to write... just that the realization is dawning on me that when I go to bed in a few moments, it'll be the last time I'll be sleeping in this bed. In 24 hours I'll be in Almere, in my new room, sleeping in a completely different (though still very comfortable) bed. It's always strange how a place can grow on one, like the room I slept in in Norway (thanks for borrowing me your room, my dear Norwegian friend :D ), the basement room in my Canadian friend's house and now this guest room here in Zaandam.

It's of course still a good thing to be moving forward. I feel as though the future I want for myself is now slowly coming within reach. Just a few more months and things will be so much better than they are now. I hope that medically things will have moved forward by then as well.

The past weeks I've begun to feel more and more... nervous... tense about the appointment next Wednesday. I keep considering various scenarios, and the likelihood of them occurring. I just don't know. All the signs seem to be positive, but seeing as how I've only had 100% negative experiences in that place, it's hard for me to feel much confidence. I really, really hope that they can give me that confidence.

Tomorrow I'll be working a bit more on some projects, to then start packing everything so that I'll be ready for Mr Nice Guy to pick me up shortly after dinner. It's all extremely exciting and kind of unbelievable that this got arranged in just a few weeks time. Seriously cool. Now I just need to find a nice bicycle there to drive around and I'll be set ;)


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