Saturday, 16 February 2008


Well, paint me pink and call me Shirley, but I still can't seem to figure out what I did right yesterday after I wrote my blog, in which I complained loudly about how Moodle refused to install. When I reloaded the tab I had the install page on, suddenly the install script started working and I was able to install Moodle without any complications. It's a friggin' miracle. Now to fix things up tomorrow.

Yesterday I thought that I'd be home today at around 6-7 PM. As it turned out, it'd be closer to 7.30. Ah well. I also didn't count on being so completely tired and exhausted. As I'm writing this I'm pretty much falling asleep. Please excuse any lapses in sense-making.

As planned, I spent 2 hours (from 10.00 to 12.00) in the pool, in my new bikini (yes, I know I promised to show pics of it before :P ). It was a great sensation to be in the water again, after a 6-year gap. I spent a lot of time playing with the children of my aunts and uncles. It really was a lot of fun, and I didn't get any weird stares (I did get stares, but I'm not sure how weird they were).

Anyway, after the swimming we all went to the restaurant, where we had lots of pancakes, in a wide range of varieties. It was rather yummy, and I got to meet a lot of family members I hadn't seen in years. This was all great, except for my niece. I felt rather disappointed about her, since I had expected something much bigger from her. Right now she's pregnant with her second child, and is about to marry this year with a macho guy with the IQ of a fish. Not that she seems that intelligent now. Quite a shame.

I also met my father again after 2 years or so. He seemed rather timid at seeing me, but I simply moved towards him, said hi and kissed him on the cheeks. In the restaurant he also sat down next to me and we talked for a bit. I also went with my older brother and father to the latter's house (my old house) and chatted there a bit more. It was all relatively positive, which is a definite improvement from the previous situation.

I went to visit my mother and her friend F at the latter's bookshop, Bonte Boeken in Hoorn, which is a rather nice store, I must say. When I arrived there they both weren't in the shop, but had gone into town for some shopping, so I got the parcel from the woman managing the shop and stayed for a bit to chat. When it turned 5 PM (I had arrived past 4 PM), my mother and F returned from their shopping spree and we went upstairs (where F lives) to drink some tea. I got to chat with the daughter of F, who I hadn't seen in 3 years either. She seemed a bit distant at first, but slowly she warmed up to me, and was disappointed when I had to leave. I thought that was really nice :)

So yeah, all together I've renewed a lot of contacts, got my medicine, and got to wear a bikini in a public pool for the first time ever. Definitely a good day. Tomorrow I'll probably be working, and a bit on Monday as well. Monday I'll have to start packing, though, as Mr Nice Guy will pick me up between 8 and 9 PM to get me and all my belongings to his place. I must say that I feel really grateful to both him and these people here in Zaandam who have gracefully allowed me to stay in their house for around a month.

Nice people really do exist, even if they can be a bit hard to find sometimes~



Adriana said...

*hug* Just saying hello. ^^

Oh yeah, expect a postcard soon ^^;

Maya Posch said...

Hi~ (^_^)/~

I can't wait to receive it :D