Wednesday, 21 November 2007

And Thus Things Begin To Move...

First of all, sorry if any of my writings today appear a bit fuzzy, it's a bit late already since the events today have really distracted me from updating my blog. I was originally going to write this post at around noon. Seems like a long time ago.

Today I actually went outside for a change, for some shopping. It's rather warm for the time of the year, but you won't hear me complain. I still dislike the cold :P I also scheduled an appointment with my physician for next Monday.

I've actually been working since yesterday on the new company website's back end. The intention is to get the site launched this week. I also want to get some real work done on a number of our games and other projects, so that we'll have something to sell by the end of this month. I hope that you'll all like what we'll have to offer :)

My friend and I did some research on plane ticket prices and such. Turns out that a round-trip ticket is actually cheaper than a one-way ticket, so I'll be getting one of those. The departure date is the 27th of December. Now I just need to arrange things with the moving company... and get some money to pay for the whole undertaking. This without even taking into account renting an apartment and buying furniture and such to put in it. It looks like borrowing money will be tricky, so I really hope that the first sales go well and, perhaps, some sponsor appears. One can hope.

The events on last Saturday seem to have worked as intended. Now that the effects of the shock are wearing off, I'm a lot more focused than before. I feel like I can finally put this annoying issue about my sexuality aside for a moment and focus on the things which I can actually do something about. Not a bad thing, though it'd have been great if I had felt this way months ago. It's going to be really tight getting everything to work in such a short time span.

Until tomorrow again,


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