Thursday, 29 November 2007

Cause And Effect~

Okay, let's first firmly establish that I'm a horrible slacker. Seriously. I said I was going to finish the new company website last weekend, tops, then it'd spill over into Monday and now it's nearly Friday already. Yay me.

*sound of a head hitting a desk*

There, that's better... Anyway, the CMS of the new website is pretty much done, just needs some last tweaks and I can put up what I've got ready to produce at least something resembling a functional website. Then all that's left is to re-arrange the forum and work on products to sell in the (currently disabled) web shop. Buy our products and buy more of them, my sweeties~ *cackles softly*

No, I'm not about to snap and a) end up in an isolation cell or b) become a mad scientist (I already am one). The reason for my rather cheerful mood at this moment is because I'm happy and slightly anxious about what's going to happen tomorrow. For the first time I'll get a chance to really speak my mind and be heard by a large audience. It feels like a kind of justice and service to the community, to warn and help others like me.

So yeah, I need to put my Wii up for sale soon. Silly Nintendo with their PAL/NTSC-only consoles. Hopefully I'll get about 250 Euro from it (Wii + Zelda Twilight Princess). It'd be nice to have a little real money again. I'm of course completely ignoring that I borrowed the money to buy the Wii in the first place from my boyfriend, but hey, details~

My sleep last night was kind of fragmented, but I did manage to wake up feeling relatively refreshed. I sure hope I sleep well tonight. I sure as hell don't want to do that interview while I'm about to nod off or so, and no, I don't drink coffee in case you're wondering :P

I'll be back for more later, my precious ones~


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grim4593 said...

Thats okay. I don't drink coffee either. It's nasty.