Sunday, 25 November 2007

Crashing Through Deadlines For Fun And Profit~

So the webdevelopment project which was going to get me some much needed money was not given to me in the end. I'm now basically back to square one. At least I made sure I can borrow the money for the moving and apartment.

I did however come up with an interesting project involving an application people may find interesting, and for which I'll require alpha/beta-testers in a week or two. Details will be made available on the (soon to be relaunched) website ( ).

Yes, I did slack off on the website :P My younger brother was over for the weekend and he wanted to play some games on my Wii, which is conveniently located in my room and highly distracting, but well, I can't refuse the little tyke such things ;)

I slept quite well last night, even though I woke up about 3 times and had at least two rather interesting (coherent at least) dreams, the contents of which are rather personal and thus I won't reveal them here. Not because they were really weird and embarrassing dreams or so. Really.

Took care of some more stuff regarding Canada today, such as internet (Bell DSL), phone (mobile phone) and TV (analogue reception via antenna). I really should go to bed now, though, as I have to get up at 7 AM tomorrow if I want to make it to my doctor's appointment at 8 AM. She should have the hormone balance results of the last test for me, and I'll have to arrange something regarding the results of the karyotype test. Perhaps she can let me know via my mother or send me an email or so. We'll see.

Goodnight, you people who are all crazier than I am :P


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