Friday, 23 November 2007

Hitting A Brick Wall And Smashing Through It~

So I have been working quite diligently for the past few days and actually produced some results. What I didn't notice, however, was the increasing stress levels I was building up. Having lived before in a continuously high-stress environment I don't seem to have developed the ability to detect this yet, or so.

At any rate some time after noon I pretty much snapped and basically couldn't stop feeling horrible. I haven't cried like that in a while. After a while I decided I needed to get some rest and took a nap. Over 2 hours later I woke up again and did feel better. Yet when I started talking about it with my boyfriend, I kind of broke down again.

We decided to take some load off my shoulders. My boyfriend will now be taking care of a lot more arrangements regarding the moving next month. This way I can focus more on the short-term and not feel so pressured anymore. Against all odds he managed to cheer me up again :P

In other news, I booked the airplane ticket for the 27th next month (borrowed money for it). I'll cancel the return ticket once I get in Canada, I guess. Now there's just the moving stuff to worry about. My boyfriend is already looking for alternatives to the one company I contacted here in The Netherlands. Supposedly things can become a lot cheaper. The 5,000 Euro I mentioned before might be enough for even renting the apartment, or at least part of it. We'll see.

I got some more assignments from my Norwegian friend, which should get me a bit more money. Anything helps at this point.

Going to bed way past my bedtime again,


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