Monday, 26 November 2007

I'm Going To Be Famous~

Last night I slept well, woke up feeling refreshed at 7 AM, ready for my appointment with the doctor. My younger brother who had been in the house for the weekend left shortly before me.

The doctor's visit was quite positive. Hormone levels were good, I can take estradiol down to 6 mg from 8, meaning that I will do a lot longer with the supply I've got of these pills at the moment. Yay me. I also got the email address of the doctor so that I can mail her for the results of the karyotype test. Convenient.

I bought some travel plugs today. It's really funny to see all the different shapes and sizes of plugs around the world. I still don't get why the US plug couldn't decide between round and rectangular pins, though. It's definitely the most schizophrenic plug of them all. The South-African one just tries to compensate for something with its size or so :P

Anyway, I got a really nice message shortly after noon. A girl I know from primary school (one year below me) who is in her last year of studying to become a journalist wanted to interview me for a local newspaper. Of course I agreed to it. She'll be coming here at my house on Friday. I really can't wait. This might be the first time I get some real recognition and attention for what I have gone through. Naturally I feel excited about it :D

See you later, still-crazier-and-more-depressed-than-me people ;)


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