Friday, 30 November 2007

A New Definition Of Exhausted~

So today I had that interview. Long story short, I picked the journalist up from the station and drove to my house. Then we had a nice 2+ hour talk/interview, after which we talked a bit more together with my mother joining us. A short while after that I brought her to the train station again and we said goodbye.

When I arrived home I pretty much crashed. I haven't felt this completely exhausted in ages. It's like a freight train ran over me, backed up and ran over me again. Physically and mentally I feel like I'm completely drained. It was a proper interview, I guess. Well done, pretty journalist girl, who also reads this blog ;)

*waves at the girl in question*


*dozes off before hitting her head on the desk and waking up again*

Ah yeah... Tired. Hmm... well, the publication date of the article will be on the 14th of December, less than two weeks before I leave for Canada. Any other publications wanting to publish an article on me better hurry or something.

Next week there's the moving company visiting me for that quote and the day after that the next IPL session. More money borrowing.

I got an email regarding the apartment earlier today. It's kind of confusing. They sent me an application form with a lot of the crucial info I can't know yet not filled in. They also asked for my phone number. I guess I'll fill in the form as best as I can, and send it back with the phone number as well.

Hmm... thoughts feel fragmented somehow. Perhaps it's a hint to go to bed. I guess I didn't tell the journalist girl about my serious hatred against anything related to sex yet... or at least didn't fully explain it... but I guess it's okay. I'm too tired to care now anyway.

Soft sheets and blissful sleep sounds like a good idea right now...


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