Thursday, 15 November 2007

Feeling Mellow~

Okay, so today I did like almost completely nothing. I did get a phonecall from the hospital in response to my earlier inquery regarding how long it'd take for the results of the karyotype test to become known. 8 weeks was the answer. This means that I'll have to arrange something with my physician or so to get the results, since it'll be January by then, and I'll be safely in Canada. I think.

Further I did some much needed relaxing with a hot shower and such. I'm all sparkly clean and such now. Not that I was smelly and/or dirty before, mind you :P

The orgy on Saturday is now officially canceled. The mother of the girl who organized is in hospital and not doing too well, so obviously that won't set the right mood. They promised they'd contact me if they want to try it again. I'll see.

At any rate I've got an appointment set for tomorrow night. I'll be picked up by the guy from Enschede for a night of going out. I hope I'll last until 3 AM as he promised. With some luck we'll also meet up with his ex-girlfriend. Can't wait to hear what she thinks about me. And I don't even mean in reference to the dirty dancin' people do in bed (and other locations). I hope it'll be a pleasant experience.

So yeah, it'll be a far more quiet weekend than initially anticipated. At least I may get some work done now, though :) I've still got the company website to finish, as well as some game scripts and programming things. Canada is still looking very distant as well. I hope I can feel it come closer really soon now... hopefully without resorting to borrowing money yet again.

Wish me luck and a good night's sleep,


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