Tuesday, 13 November 2007


I'm feeling a bit tired and confused at the moment, so excuse me if I don't fully make sense. A lot of things have happened today, and many others are waiting to either happen or not.

Today I went to see my family doctor. While she didn't know exactly about how the karyotype test works, this time she was so kind as to call to the lab to ask there for more information. As it turns out, they perform that test at a different lab, but they couldn't figure out the right kind of tube or so to use for the blood at that first lab, so in the end I have to go to that other lab. This is in Enschede, a city not too far from here. I'll be driving there with my younger brother who has to move some of his stuff to his room there tomorrow.

Finding the place won't be an issue, nor will be the blood-taking part. Good thing I don't mind needles that much. The really interesting thing will be when the results of the karyotype test become known. Basically, if it's XX, then the possibility of me being a chimera is quite small, and further testing won't be really necessary. If it's XY, however, it's quite likely that I am a chimera, requiring further testing. Any further tests will probably be performed in Canada, though. Waiting for such results is always a lot of fun :P

In other news, I have not received a confirmation for the orgy on Saturday yet. Perhaps I'm just impatient, but a message would have been nice by now. It's hard to plan anything this way. Ah well, at least I've got a really exciting event planned for Friday: the first time that I'll go out. Yes, you heard that right, I've never gone out before ;) A guy who I met a short while ago via the Internet, and who happens to live in Enschede offered to take me out. With some luck we'll also be meeting his ex-girlfriend. He's trying to set up a threesome or so ^_^ We'll see what happens there.

Anyway, I've still got a lot of work to do for the company. The new website is finally coming along now and should be launched this week. We should begin selling some products later this month as well. It'd be great if we finally got some profit going. Even though I'm getting donations now (one so far, many thanks to such a generous person), it'd be nice to not have to rely on financial aid to get all this stuff working. I'm still a few thousand Euros short of making the move to Canada, sadly, and I'd prefer not to borrow all the money. This even ignoring the medical costs I'll incur once I'm Canada.

One step at a time, I guess...


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