Tuesday, 22 January 2008

And On Today's Episode...

No, today no stories about random guys falling in love with me and nearly assaulting me in public places. Instead I've got some really boring tales again about my continuing struggles in life. Don't you all feel lucky? :D

Hmm... where to start. This morning I started to seriously hunt for houses. From one place I had contacted I got a response back that they were not looking for any more single-, but only multi-person applications. Unfortunately I know of no one who might want to live together with me, so that's quite unlikely. I haven't heard anything back from the other place I submitted my application to.

What does seem to help is the advertisement I placed on Hyves. Got a few responses on that already. One woman offered me a place in Arnhem, which is not that close to Enschede, so I'm not sure, but it might serve as a temporary spot until I get a more steady income, at which point I could opt for regular places for rent.

Another option is to stay in a student house, an option which has a number of benefits. First of all it's rather cheap, secondly it can be fun to stay with others, thirdly I'm assured of internet ;) Naturally I have to share everything except what's in my (single) room, but if I get to stay in a clean place with nice people (girls?), this shouldn't be a big issue, and I don't mind exploring my social side a bit more.

Of course, it's not all roses and sunshine at this point. There are still things like the people who own the place not liking me for not applying under my official name since I refuse to use anything but my real name unless I'm forced to (like when traveling by plane). This may lead to them asking the reason behind it, and with a wide variety of possible responses from their side. I'll see.

My mother sent me the original analysis report from the German clinic today by mail, so I'll receive it tomorrow. I'll be sending my physician a scanned copy of it, together with the request to refer me to a certain doctor in the VUMC in Amsterdam, with whom I'll be making an appointment tomorrow for a consult. My physician still refuses to prescribe me the medicines for the hormone treatment since she doesn't see why it'd be necessary I take them or so (no indication from a doctor), which means that in a few days I'll be ordering them online again. Hopefully for the last time.

Tomorrow I'll also be sending a copy of the analysis report with the complaint letter to the complaint commission of the VUMC. Within two weeks I should then receive a reply from them back, followed by a conclusion in around three months. I'll be so happy once I get a positive response back from them so that I can finally put this all behind me and focus on the road which lies ahead of me.

A lot happened today, and even more will happen tomorrow. Now it's time for sleep in my big, old queen-sized bed. Speak you all tomorrow.


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