Monday, 21 January 2008

More New Experiences~

So today I went shopping together with the woman at whose house I'm staying at. This market is located in Beverwijk, and has a lot of (middle) eastern shops. It was a very interesting experience. First of all it has like thousands of small shops, with a wide variety of things to buy, though also a fair amount of junk, such as cheap watches and jewelry, as well as batteries with a 'best before' date of 2004.

Anyway, we were looking for a few items, including a dress for me. It'd be my first proper dress I'd own, so a pretty special event. Ultimately I bought a really pretty top and a pretty party dress, both in black :D I'll try to take pictures of them tomorrow and post them on my Facebook profile.

Naturally, it's impossible for me to have a regular shopping trip. In the first place the general theme the shops (aside from those in china town) seemed to broadcast was that guys should be dressed all fancy and sometimes in leather, while women just have to be pretty and dressed in lingerie. It was extremely hard to find any proper shops selling women's clothes, with only about 2-3 shops selling some decent clothes.

Then at the shop where I bought my clothes, there was this young couple, with a really annoying guy. The girl was going to fit a dress and the guy proclaimed loudly that she should take everything off, because he had seen everything anyway. I'd seriously have smacked my friend in the face if he had the nerve to say something so rude and insensitive, but she didn't seem to really respond, although I refuse to believe that any woman would appreciate such a comment.

Finally there was the shopkeeper. From the very moment that I started fitting some tops and dresses, he was all over me, telling me how pretty and nice I was, and how he wanted me to give his phone number, and then asked for mine. He couldn't stop touching me, like when I was fitting the top I later bought, he'd ask me whether I was doing fine, then popped his head inside the fitting room and showed me where the zipper of the top was so that I could put it on. After he handed me back the piece of clothing, he touched my bare shoulder and told me how pretty and attractive I was.

From that moment on he'd be touching my waist and such a lot whenever I was in the shop looking at how the dresses and such looked on me and one time he handed me a dress while I was in the fitting room and pretty much entered it as well, then pushed me against the back wall and moved closer to me, before trying to kiss me. I dodged his attempt.

I must say it was a pretty exciting experience. First of all it was my first time that I was getting hit on in such a fashion, which also explains why I didn't know exactly how to respond, and secondly I knew nothing bad could happen since my companion was still in the shop and she wouldn't lose sight of me. Yet the guy wouldn't even stop when I told him I already had a friend, and even asked my companion some details about me while I was in the fitting room.

In the end, however, nothing happened and the guy even gave me a reduction on the price, possibly in the hope that I'd give him my phone number after all, which I didn't. I felt somewhat sorry for him for a moment, since he'd so tried his best without giving him anything. But well, he wasn't my type, I already have a friend and I'm not even sure whether he really had fallen in love with me or not. I'm keeping the card with his phone number on it as a souvenir.

In other news, I talked with my mother for a bit and told her to get the CD with MRI scan images and the analysis report to my physician, which she said she would. I forgot to mention that it's kind of urgent, so I guess I'll have to call her again tomorrow morning.

I'm not sure what's going to happen tomorrow. There was the idea to go to Amsterdam for another market, but I don't really feel like it, and there are so many other things to do. Stay tuned.


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