Thursday, 31 January 2008


This morning I was up early, which didn't help me that much with my work as I spent most of the morning talking with the lady of the house. It was a nice talk, though, about a wide variety of subjects :)

It is now official: next Friday I'm going to see at least one room in Enschede, possibly more. I got some more offers today. I'll see what tomorrow brings and go from there. At any rate it seems that the issue is changing from 'finding any room' to 'choosing between rooms'. I must say that I prefer the latter by far ;)

Work... I talked for the first time directly with the Japanese translator guy today. He seems like a really nice, enthusiastic guy. I feel happy about this :) Today I further mostly spent on exploring the tools for producing 3D games. It seems more and more likely that somewhere in the next few months we'll be releasing our first 3D RPG. Of course, before that we'll be launching the new sites, so hang on tight ;)

The reinstall of Windows went quite well yesterday, with only some lost emails as a result. Nothing too shocking, though I'll now be looking at an IMAP server to act as a kind of backup for all my email. It could be used for the rest of the company as well, I guess. At the moment I'm looking at hMailServer ( ) to be used on a Windows server which I'll set up hopefully next week when I've got my new place.

I'm going to slave a bit more on NyanKana and the CMS of the new websites now. Speak to you people tomorrow again.


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