Sunday, 27 January 2008

Full Time Slacker~

Today at one point when I was chatting with a girl about my age who was in a happy relationship I kind of snapped and fell straight into a depression. More long suppressed emotions and memories surfacing, as well as intense amounts of pain. This didn't subside until I had a real-life talk with the lady of the house. She also suggested that I might want to talk to a psychologist she knows well and trust. I have decided to take her up on this offer. This might be my first positive experience with a psychologist in my entire life.

I have also decided to focus completely on my work the coming days. I'll leave the searching for a place to stay to others, since it's not easy to find such a place myself, let alone know which places to avoid. I just need a place where I can stay a few months while I sort out the remaining financial issues so that I can rent a place the official way.

In terms of work there is enough to do. From the programming, art work and testing on NyanKana to a pile of my own and external projects. On which note, I'm currently looking for people who want to help test NyanKana, starting with the first Alpha build in a few weeks. Just contact me at maya [at] and I'll send you the application form. I won't promise that I'll accept everyone, but it can't hurt to try, right? ;)

In other news, I got my new bikini today, as well as a new dress :D Tomorrow I'll be holding a short photo session in which I'll take pictures of all the new pieces of clothing I've bought or received the past week :)

Until then,


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