Sunday, 20 January 2008

More Sleeping~

So yeah, today I slept away most of the day again. I love jetlags. I did almost no work today and aside from a long conversation with the woman I'm staying with, not much happened.

Today I did notice that there are some things and people in my life whose existence makes me feel horrible, but that I can fight off those feelings and stop caring about those things. I still should return to Norway after I've had my surgery and dealt with the effects of that to finish some remaining issues there, mostly to talk to a certain person whose existence for some reason seems to dominate my thoughts to the point that I wish I had never met her. Certainly not healthy.

Anyway, a little while ago my friend got a reply from a North American society for intersexual people to an earlier email in which he explained my situation. The response mentioned that a Dutch colleague had been contacted who might be able to provide me with guidance and that we'd receive an update as soon as she responded.

The email also mentioned that I should look for a reproductive endocrinologist for a consultation. I'll have to get my physician to refer me to such a person. Joy. Tomorrow I'll probably call my mother to inform her that the proof my physician is looking for is in her possession and that she might want to make an appointment with my physician (also her own physician). Once my physician sees the evidence, I hope she'll refer me and prescribe those medicines. Else it's time to find another physician.

Tomorrow I'll probably go shopping at the market unless the weather is awful again. I'll let you people know.


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