Sunday, 13 January 2008

Business Things~

Today I woke up late again just like yesterday at around 10 AM. Going to bed at close to 2 AM doesn't help I guess :P I seem to be napping a lot lately, though.

This day wasn't all wasted on gaming for a change. I got the framework for NyanKana finished, and I also got confirmation that I got a nice little project involving porting some code from one language to another.

I also might have found a place to live. Via a site which rents out places which are waiting to be renovated or demolished, or sometimes the owners of it just have a hard time finding someone to rent it for the regular price, I got the option of living in a number of Dutch cities. I think I may just end up living in Enschede :)

Today was also filled with more emotional things about my sexuality. My friend and I talked a lot about it, with me once more expressing my discomfort with my current situation, my desire to get the surgery and the many unknowns surrounding the latter.

Sometimes I wish I had never met the girlfriend of the friend I stayed at in Norway. She's so similar to me in many respects, and her life (in my eyes) so screwed up that I feel like it personally matters to me. She has basically become the focal point of everything which is wrong and has to be fixed, also in myself. I don't think she realizes this, and if she does, she either doesn't or can't care. Yes, it's somewhat of an obsession to me :(

I feel that because of it I have to learn Norwegian and visit her again this year, just so that I can wrap things up. I hope that I can do this after I've had my surgery, as it'd definitely cause some huge emotional landslides for me.

Anyway, it's bed time for me. It's nearly 2 AM already :(


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