Thursday, 3 January 2008

It's About Time~

As I'm typing this I'm sitting in my apartment. It's taken a week since I arrived in Canada, but I finally have a place for my own. My friend and I have been doing a lot of shopping, first grocery and then mostly kitchen things. I really need to start working now to earn money so that I can pay him back.

I checked out at around 9.30 AM this morning at the motel. So great to never have to stay at that place again. It's fantastic to have not just one, but multiple warm rooms as well as a kitchen. Only things which aren't right yet: in the kitchen the oven doesn't work. Probably due to some blown fuses. The refridgerator/freezer seems to be on its last legs. There's a big gap in the seal on the freezer section, and the thing has to run almost continuously to keep the compartment somewhat cold, something which it most definitely isn't rated for. On top of that it's as noisy as a washing machine during the spin cycle. Sounds like one too.

Further there are some other things in the apartment which are somewhat or completely broken. The bathroom looks just old, except for the toilet (thank the Heavens!), some closet doors won't close and in general I feel tempted to rip out everything and do a complete makeover. Perhaps I could renovate the place in exchange for paying no or less rent... Ah well :P

As you've probably guessed, I still don't have internet at the moment. The nice people at Bell decided to adhere strictly to all the holidays, so that the internet connection won't be ready (meaning the bloody access page decides to accept my username and password) until around monday. I've asked my friend to pass me some pages from Wikipedia and such I need to finish the script for NyanKana. It'll be the first draft for the alpha version of NyanKana, so it's still very basic, but at least then I'll be able to get and use feedback to improve it. The first steps are always the most difficult ;)

First I've exchanged my rag pile for a queen-sized bed, and now I'm back to a flimsy mattress on the floor *sniffle* Hopefully I can soon order some furniture, especially a bed, from Ikea. I'll get to spend another 1,000+ dollar there on things. Sorry, friend~

So anyway, good night everyone, and I hope that my back doesn't hate me too much tomorrow morning~


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