Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Exciting New Developments~

So yesterday night I had a nice business talk with my friend and as it turns out we can begin developing 3D games pretty much right now. I had honestly no idea he had done so much work on the game engine while I was occupied with myself. I feel like catching up with him in terms of work done now.

On the housing front some real progress. I got contacted by three people today, one of which had an interesting offer for a room, so I'll be traveling to Enschede this week to check it out. Another offer was interesting too, except that the room wouldn't be available until the first of March, which is, like, kind of impossible for me, as I really want to be done with the housing mess before I have to go to the VUMC on the 13th next month.

Today I also learned some more about where I'll be going to exactly on that day within the gender team. Apparently it's like a subdivision within the gender team which focuses completely on intersexual people without forcing them to be exposed to transsexuals. This is a welcome development. I still felt a bit weird while reading the article on the site, though. It seems that there's still a lot of emotional junk to deal with regarding my condition. At least I don't go into shock anymore whenever I read anything related to transsexuals.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be arranging some things related to my trip to the other side of the country, but above all I'll be working on NyanKana. Now with some members in the testing teams (English and Japanese) and the translator (English to Japanese) standing by, I can't be slacking off right now :)

See you all tomorrow, you slackers~ :P


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