Tuesday, 15 January 2008

So Long, Canada~

Today was yet another productive day. My friend and I managed to pretty much complete the project we were working on with only testing and some minor debugging remaining. Tomorrow we won't be able to work much on it, though.

Tomorrow morning I'll be packing my bags and suitcase, to depart for Toronto shortly after dinner. I'll also try to catch some extra sleep before dinner, because during the trip I won't be able to sleep at all on the airplane (judging by my previous experience) and I'm not quite capable of staying awake for nearly 30 hours like the last time.

It's nearly 3 AM right now, as my friend and I have spent a few hours talking earlier, about a lot of things. He understands and accepts that I have to go back, but he feels disappointed, obviously, since he was looking really forward to me coming here, and he had to arrange quite a few things. I told him that I still feel bad about my sudden change of heart, to which he responded that he isn't angry with me or anything. We're both happy that we spent the past week at least together.

Well, off I go to try to catch as much sleep as possible. Wish me luck ;)


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