Monday, 14 January 2008

Spending My Last Days~

Today was a really interesting day in many respects. First of all I woke up in time (8 AM) and shortly after breakfast my friend and I started work on porting this one application. This was the first time my friend and I have worked together on a project in the same room. It was a very stimulating experience, in that it showed how much more efficient people can be when they're working on the same thing in real life, instead of remotely in different timezones. There's far more a feeling of being focused and especially co-operation.

So anyway, just a few more days and this porting project will be finished and I'll be a little bit richer. I hope I can get more of such nice little projects again. Talking about days... tomorrow will be my last full day here in Canada. Now that the date of my departure is rapidly approaching with me having stayed in my friend's house since I left the apartment, I'm becoming less negative about Canada, though I'm still very much looking forward to getting things set up in The Netherlands.

And talking about setting things up... it somewhat feels as though I'm going to battle, in the sense that I have to find my own place, become financially independent, settle the complaint with the Gender Team in Amsterdam, and find a place in The Netherlands where I can get started on getting that surgery.

My friend and I talked about the latter a bit today. What I told him was basically that I felt that because of the issues I'm still dealing with I'm simply not capable of and ready for any kind of serious relationship and also that I still don't feel very comfortable with guys in general, that my body seems to respond very ambigiously to them touching (hugging and such) me. This while I know of no such issues when it comes to girls. My friend told me that he had also noticed this.

Lots of things seem to fall in place lately, yet I'm still dealing with one particular issue which is also related to the surgery, namely the hormone therapy and the associated pills. I'll run out of them again in just over a month, so I'll soon have to order online again since it takes a few weeks before the delivery arrives. However, if I could get a physician to prescribe them in The Netherlands I could have them the very same day. With the MRI results in hand it definitely feels like I've got a good chance now, though I'll have to move fast once I arrive in The Netherlands to figure out what my chances are.

Anyway, it's time for bed now. Tomorrow lots more work to do. See you then,


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