Thursday, 10 January 2008

Old And New...

Today I was able to do some work again, although my friend and I ended up playing Zelda Twilight Princess for most of the day. Right now I'm feeling quite tired. The past few days I went to bed long after midnight and I'm noticing it. I really should go to bed soon.

Tomorrow I really should start looking for a place to stay in The Netherlands. I got some references from the woman who helped me get the MRI scan before. I've been relying on her a lot the past few days, even for things like making appointments for IPL hair removal and such. I hope she doesn't feel like I'm using her :(

*dozes off for a moment*

Hmm... sorry about that. I guess I'm just not feeling very energetic at the moment. There are still so many things I have to do and arrange. The surgeon in Belgium I can only contact by phone it appears from the website, which I can't do just yet, and I'd feel bad asking the woman who has been helping me so much already to do it. Ah well...

With all those new things going on it's kind of nostalgic to be playing a Zelda game again. Together with my younger brother we've spent so much time in the past playing those games, with mostly me watching him play, but still :) I can honestly say that sitting there next to my brother, watching him work his way through those games were some of the happiest moments in my life. I guess that's where I inherited my love for games from: as a means to bring people together in ways otherwise hard to imagine.

*wipes away a tear*

I guess I'll go to bed now before I become all emotional and such. See you game-loving freaks tomorrow~


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