Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Today I woke up when it was still dark, turned on my other side and fell asleep again. When I woke up it was past 9 AM. I'm feeling somewhat indifferent today, probably because of the things which are supposed to happen today, especially the visit to my apartment and the moving in tomorrow, and not to forget the visit to the physician.

Still no internet. I wonder if I really broke things again, or that it's the motel's router this time. Ah well, tomorrow I should have my own internet connection and all of this won't matter. No need to make a fuss about it. I spend the rest of the time before my friend picks me up with working on the script for the first NyanKana game. It's looking good so far.

It's getting quite late... I wonder if my friend forgot about today? I suddenly realize how vulnerable I've made myself by basically putting my fate in my friend's hands. If he decided so, he could leave me behind with nearly no means of surviving. Then he arrives, and we leave for Kitchener. Before we depart he tells me that the physician won't be available until the 8th this month. Ah well.

Because we did some shopping and wandering around malls first, we arrive around dinner time at the apartment building. The landlady obviously doesn't respond. Now we're not sure whether I can move in tomorrow. My friend will call tomorrow morning. No matter what I'll be leaving this motel tomorrow. Checking out at 10.30 AM.

I just watched the recording of a cam session I did a while ago. Looking at it is a surreal experience. It's like the person I see is me and yet isn't. She seems more carefree, happier, yet still searching for her own womanhood. This is the first time I've watched myself on video in any form or shape. I definitely look quite pretty, and yes, like a girl.

Hopefully I can truly move into the apartment tomorrow. Now it's bed time since tomorrow is going to be busy. Night~


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