Saturday, 26 January 2008


My apologies for the post yesterday. I'd like to emphasize that normally I don't think like that, and that 99.99% of the time I'm a 100% positive person. There is a lot of progress in my life, and I'm not ugly, at most I'm just a plain-looking girl.

Yesterday I had to do some shopping. I had to pick up some prescription drugs and they asked me to present my health insurance card. First thing the woman behind the counter told me was "Is this your card? This is a card for a man, you should bring your own card." After telling the woman behind the counter that "It is a long story.", I finally got my drugs. Fun times.

This morning my grandmother called me to invite me for a family gathering on the 16th of February. Fun part is that it starts off with a few hours of swimming at an indoor pool. I haven't been in a pool since my last year of High School, which is like 6-7 years ago. For obvious reasons I've felt awkward about it the past few years, but no longer. Last year I already got a bikini, and since it is still in a box with the moving company, and also because I love shopping, I decided to get a new bikini.

It took me a few hours of browsing online shops, but finally I found a nice one and ordered it. It'll be delivered tomorrow. I can't wait to try it on. I've scheduled a photo session tomorrow with my digicam during which I'll take pictures of the new clothes I bought last Sunday, as well as the bikini. If you people are nice I may actually show them too ;)

A few hours ago I ordered new medicines for the hormone treatment because the old supply was running low. Just a month remaining on the remainder of the last legal medicine I got prescribed while in Norway. The simple fact that that doctor in Norway prescribed me those medicines (even though I had to pay for the consultation and part of the costs of the medicines), has made me appreciate Norway a lot, which is another reason why I want to return one day. Let's hope that the doctors here in The Netherlands can be just as nice now that I can smack them around with the MRI results.

I didn't get to mail the envelope for the VUMC containing the CD-ROM with the MRI images as well as a personal, hand-written (first time I've done that in years) letter. Tomorrow the weekend starts so it's okay, I guess. I kind of wish I had mailed it yesterday already. Ah well.

I'm still working on the new personal site, I hope to turn it into not only a site paying attention to my personal issues, but also a kind of portal for anything IS, in a positive manner. I'd then also register it as an organization, because in my experience the current organizations for IS people are practically non-existent, too small and volunteer-driven. Hence the complete lack of awareness about IS. I feel that it's my duty to prevent anyone else like me and other IS people to ever end up in the wrong place, because I know how horrible it is to be in that situation.

Well, it's 5 AM now. Bed time. Tomorrow a busy day. I'm so going to hate myself in the morning for staying up so late :P


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