Friday, 14 December 2007

Crashing Through Fake Walls~

So today I started disassembling and packing the first things. My bed will be gone tomorrow morning. Since I had most of my clothes in drawers which are part of the bed, I had to put them in boxes. Feels like I'm really moving now. I've nearly finalized things with the moving company. Soon I should know the date on which they'll fetch my things. I'll finally know when I get to pack my suitcase and such by then.

Today I really noticed the effect this whole process is having on me. I've felt nauseous for most of the afternoon, simply because of stress. Yet it's not all bad. Realizing this, I've decided I'll have to calm down a bit and focus on the things which are important right now. For this reason I've also decided to completely quit showing myself to strangers on cam unless there's a very good reason for it.

Thanks to a message exchange with a really nice woman on a forum I started frequenting a short while ago (the Libelle forums, for those who live in the Netherlands), I've come to a lot of new insights and can literally feel myself changing. She also gave me the email address of a Belgian surgeon who is good at reconstructive surgery. I sent him an email. I'll see what'll come out of it.

I really should go to bed now... it's approaching 1 AM and I have to be up again in about 6 hours :P

So long and thanks for the fish~


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