Saturday, 15 December 2007

Moving On~

So after feeling very, very upset for a while last night, I finally managed to fall asleep, to wake up about 6 hours later. I wrote a response to the surgeon, explaining my situation such as that no tests and such have been performed and asking him whether he could perhaps refer me to someone in Canada, as that might be more practical. After having been awake for 2 hours, I went back to bed and slept another 4 hours. I haven't slept 10 hours on a day in quite a while.

When I woke up again I felt quite clear-headed. I knew that I had to go to Canada and that while I would maintain contact with this surgeon I wouldn't stay in The Netherlands for it. If necessary I'll just fly back to Belgium for the surgery, with the tests hopefully done in Canada. While talking with my mother for a bit she agreed with this. To find housing in The Netherlands is difficult/expensive enough (I'd pay ten times as much for the same amount of space I get in Canada with my apartment.

And yes, I've finally got an apartment. My boyfriend will take care of the deposit on Monday and then I just have to pay the first month's rent upon moving in. I'm really relieved that has been taken care of. The landlord seems like a nice woman, she even agreed to hold the apartment despite the application form not having been completed (not signed) yet, and even taking cash as an exception. This is a very good impression.

I really hope that the moving company will leave the same positive impression. I sent in the filled in form for the moving on Friday. If I don't get a response from them on Monday I'll have to email/call/both. Please don't let things go wrong here...

As a variation on the seemingly eternal 'guy learns about my 'secret' and runs away' theme, I now got one of those guys on MSN who has read my blog today and came to me to ask me a few questions about it. He actually seemed understanding, though a bit timid, but he didn't run away. Interesting.

I've started on a new project I've been brooding on for quite a while, which I'm sure people will love. Tonight and tomorrow is going to be crunch time on the website if I want to get it done by the (very dynamic) deadline I've set myself. Then there's that bloody game script which I've been putting off for way too long. Please don't let anything unexpected happen, please?

There's a possibility that I may go to the couple in Enschede again, but there's no date set for it. It'd be nice to get an agreement on that so that together with the moving company I can finalize my planning for next week.

Until tomorrow (or the next update), my dear Readers.


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