Sunday, 23 December 2007

One Never Gets Used To Moving~

So today I've spent and am still spending on preparing for the moving tomorrow. Unfortunately I still need to fill in the bloody customs forms. I seriously wish they'd make that part less difficult, especially since from what I understand I can take my own stuff with me legally speaking, but I need to use the name of a Canadian citizen as the recipient. If I had more time I could have asked the moving company more questions. Ah well :(

In other news, I'm still considering taking legal action against the people here in The Netherlands who have mistreated me so much the past years. If anything I'd like to get some money from them for the damage they've done, mentally speaking, as well as to pay for any medical treatment I'll be receiving in Canada or somewhere else. It's just unfair that because of their incompetence that I'll have to pay for everything. I really need to get some help with setting this up, though.

Tomorrow is going to be quite messy, even though this is already the fourth or fifth time I've moved. It never gets any easier.. I'll probably manage to get a blog post posted, when I'll only have my laptop here. I haven't slept in a silent room since Norway :D

Wish me luck with the moving :)


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