Monday, 3 December 2007

The Fountain Of Youth~

Whew... the last hour of today have been pretty interesting. Excuse me if I appear to ramble a bit. I'll start at the beginning so as to sidestep any rambling pre-emptively.

So last night was a bit rough. I woke up around 3 times and had quite random dreams, one of which was quite clearly inspired by my distrust against guys and disbelief with regards to girls who don't value their body. That was the dream I woke up with. Lovely.

I noticed I felt a bit not-so-well, like I had a cold or so, with a sore chest and coughing. This fortunately passed later in the day. I do think that the stress the past weeks has somewhat weakened my immune system, making me more prone to such infections. All seems to be well again, though.

In terms of work I've kind of slacked off today, which isn't all that unusual for me, I guess. No big shocker there. What I did do today was rather... interesting. This was all due to a friend of mine, an american guy who likes to pretend he's a girl, especially online behind a webcam. He linked me to one of his active cam sessions at, which I joined. I then thought it'd be funny to create my own account and thus show myself to others that way.

After creating that account, the guy also mentioned that he had previously cammed at Cam4 (definitely NSFW!!). Because I was in a rather experimental mood or so, I decided to create an account there as well. I then decided to mess around with Stickam first. It's a rather nice site, kind of like Facebook and Myspace, but with the webcam streaming as an interesting feature. I included the link to my Stickam profile in the link section on this blog. I started my camsession at Stickam and was quickly joined by a few people, and one girl. This resulted in a private room and a game of 'truth or dare', which resulted in a lot of discarded pieces of clothing at my side :P

This was followed by an intermezzo, composed out of dinner, a TV show (Top Gear :D ) and some serious talk with my boyfriend, with positive results. I also promised him I'd stop slacking off next week ;)

So then it was about time for bed... Yet I still hadn't explored that Cam4 site yet. Curious, I decided to start a cam session there and quickly the chat was flooded with people (258 at the end). The pacing of the chat text was beyond readable. It was insane. I then decided to let go of my inhibitions and do a striptease and *cough* other things. The result was amazing. Among the people in the chat there were those who were praising me for being so pretty, there were those who were vulgar, while others spammed the chat with nonsense, a few claimed I was a boy because I didn't pull down my panties and quite a few were claiming that I was 14-16 years old. Underaged, in other words.

In the midst of the chat I suddenly got a message that the cam had been closed. The chat grinded to a halt and I closed it. I then reloaded my profile at the site to find that it asked for me to log in. Fine, so I inputted my log in details and hit the button. It said the username and password were wrong, though I knew they weren't. I also noticed that the normally visible to the public profile of me had been cleared. It then hit me that my account at Cam4 had been deleted. Only reasonable conclusion? I had been kicked from the site because they thought I was younger than 18.

Today has been an interesting day for sure...


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