Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Wrapping Things Up~

As I'm typing this I'm sitting in a nearly empty room. This morning the moving company dropped by and took with them all the stuff I want to take with me to Canada. It feels kind of strange to sit here in this quiet room, albeit not unpleasant.

Today I also started a complaint procedure with the hospital (VUMC) in Amsterdam regarding the Gender Team. I received favourable responses so far. I'll file an official complaint by mail as soon as I'm in Canada. With some luck I can get some money for the mental abuse and for the things I've had to pay for myself, due to my treatment not being prescribed by some doctor.

I had a nice talk with my younger brother earlier today. After Friday's MRI scan it has become more definitive for him as well, and much easier to see me as his sister. Things are becoming more pleasant in general with my family, but also people in general. It's simply amazing to see how rapidly I've stabilized emotionally after the MRI scan results. It's as though I've finally found some solid footing, which is a welcome and remarkable change from before.

This evening and night I was with the couple in Enschede I've been with before. We talked about various things, during which they also remarked that I had changed, that I had become more talkative at least. Though I hadn't counted on it, I experienced my second 'sexual education' session with this couple, during which it was clear that I had indeed improved and changed a lot since the previous time. It seems as though my body simply isn't build for the male way of having sex, though. It's possible that I'm just out of shape and inexperienced, however. I don't know which yet ^_^

It was kind of fun to drive to and from this couple's place over the highways in the dark. There were almost no other cars on the road and I really felt as though I was driving on a private road or so. And no, I did not see how fast I could drive without crashing the car :P

I'm exhausted now, so see you people tomorrow~


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