Thursday, 27 December 2007

So Long~

So tomorrow is the Big Day. 11 AM I'll depart to Amsterdam to arrive around 1 PM at the airport where my flight will depart around 2 hours later. After a 4-hour transfer at Heathrow (yay~) I'll set off for an 8.5-hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean. I'll arrive at about 22.25 local time (or 4.25 GMT +1). It'll be interesting to see how the jet lag will work out for me.

At Pearson Airport (Toronto) my boyfriend will be waiting for me after which we'll drive to his home, where I'll spend the night. The plan is to go shopping the very next day. If I feel like dying I'll just smack him over the head and turn over in my bed for some more sleep, of course :P

The next days until my apartment becomes available (first week of january) I'll be staying in a motel. Well, the nights at least, as my boyfriend and I will be going out shopping and sight-seeing, of course :) I really can't wait until I can move into my apartment, though. It's always nice to have your own place. I'm still arranging things with the moving company so that they'll not use the groupage option, but the liftvan option, which basically means that I'll get my stuff a lot faster, for a higher price. At this point I just want to get settled ASAP.

Naturally I won't be online much tomorrow, with no blog post either. The 28th I should be back online, however. I'm sure none of you will really miss me, though, even the 18 who bothered to read my blog yesterday *sniffles*

Just kidding, of course :P At any rate today was quite emotional. I had a few times today when I cried to let out tension I had build up over the past months, or just because I felt happy. Clearly I'm finally beginning to respond emotionally to the results of the MRI scan. It's all still quite confusing, however, but at least my depressions seem to have vanished. That's worth a lot, also since this means that I can return to working on all those projects I've neglected since last year. A girl in my company had to suffer due to my issues because she needs money just to pay the rent and food in Tokyo. Before the end of January I definitely want to ensure her of an income which can allow her to finish her studies at the university there.

Anyway, it's time for bed now. See you all who-knows-when. The time at which I'll post blog posts will shift by about 6 hours as well, so don't be alarmed ^_^



Desu said...

Have fun in Canada!

Adriana said...

Best wishes to you! ^^ I hope everything turns out for the best. It seems like everything's falling into place with you. I'm happy for you girl. ^^

*lots of hugs*

Maya Posch said...

Thank you :)

*hugs back lots*

Yes, I'm still alive ;) I'll post an update tomorrow, when I'm not feeling exhausted :D

Finally got internet on my laptop working again. For some reason Windows decided it hated it or so :(