Tuesday, 18 December 2007


So today I wasted away the morning doing random stuff in preparation for my appointment with the physician. There I learned that my testosterone level is perfectly fine again en I got a letter from her as well, using which I should be able to get the money for the MRI scan back from my insurance company, who I also contacted today. I also gave her a farewell gift (a plushie) and gave her my email address so that she can email me the results of the karyotype test.

Something not so nice when I was at the physician's place was that she at one point told me bluntly that she didn't believe I had anything but male organs. Of course, I then listed some items why I think that she's wrong, including such niceties like a not fully developed foreskin, very unusual (thin and feminine) skin of the penis, inability to perform as a male sexually, not fully descended testicles, the ability to easily get female orgasms yet male orgasms are nearly impossible en what I think is vaginal fluid leaking through the skin when excited. Like I said yesterday, I'd be a very, very unusual male :P

After I returned from the physician, having shopped for some things as well, I began to feel quite depressed and really wanted to sleep, which I did. When I woke up, however, I had the worst headache I've had since I had that bloody migraine last year. I've still got this headache while I'm typing this. I definitely notice that it's harder for me to focus than normal. I'll go to bed in a short while, I guess.

Anyway, while I was drifting back to consciousness after that nap, I suddenly heard my phone ring and jumped out of bed (rag pile). It was a girl from PrivateScan.nl, who called to make an appointment. She was also interested in my case and we chatted about it a bit. Tomorrow I'll get the final confirmation, but it shouldn't differ from the date and time she gave me: Friday the 21st, at 10 AM. After the scan (takes about half an hour) I'll get to talk with a doctor about the results and also get a rapport send to me 3 weeks later. I'm just focusing on the logistics of getting safely to the clinic (together with my mother) instead of allowing myself to obsess about the possible consequences of the test. Sometimes I like the way my brain works. Now I just need to find a way to cough up nearly 700 Euro for that scan. Lovely.

In other news, I'm traveling to the other side of the country on Saturday to visit my grandparents before I depart for Canada on the 27th. I'll also meet the woman I mentioned before, assuming she has got time for me on that day. I'm glad it's just one day of saying goodbyes (not counting the 27th).

A few hours ago I joined the sex chat box again, only to yet again encounter legendary levels of retardedness. I'm glad not all of humanity is like this. I'll also not join any sex dating sites once I'm in Canada, you can count on that :)

So yeah, I'll resume the process of slowly drifting off to sleep now, before I collapse on my rag pile. See you dogs later.


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