Thursday, 20 December 2007

You Call That Being Nervous?

Getting up early is never nice. 7 AM out of bed, then preparing to go to the dentist. Good thing I could go by car. It's seriously cold outside. I arrived in time, and after a quick routine check I could leave again with no issues at all. It's good to have healthy teeth :)

Yesterday I got two more couples wanting to arrange a date with me. One of them contacted me today and if the woman of the couple agrees, I might have something for Saturday. I should hear more about it tomorrow. I'll see. It might be a chance to see how far I've progressed since I was with the last couple. To be honest I'd rather visit that couple again, but things don't always work out the way you want, especially not when low on time. Perhaps I may drop by with XMas or so. No idea yet.

The rest of today I've filled in with some FFXI, during which I met a nice Canadian guy, looking at which pieces of furniture and such I don't need to take with me after all, filling in the last couple of forms for the moving company (I'm hopelessly behind, don't tell me) and generally cleaning up my room, throwing away things I don't need anymore.

It was really nostalgic but also very inspiring to browse through this pile of old project notes/notes for ideas I haven't looked through in years. I've really gained a newfound respect for myself. Apparently not having to deal with all those emotional issues allowed me to reach a level of intellectual focus which I haven't been able to regain since the divorce of my parents. Today again I crashed emotionally again when thinking about the possible results and consequences of the scan tomorrow. Crying and more crying and then falling asleep for like half an hour. Hopefully I can finally put that all behind me after tomorrow. I really don't want to read these lines back tomorrow after the test and feel extremely bitter or so.

Anyway, I'm going to my rag pile now. Need to get a lot of proper sleep before embarking on what'll hopefully be my final test before the surgery next year. Please wish me luck :)



grim4593 said...

Good luck!

Maya Posch said...

Thank you! :)

John Hoo said...

Good luck! Hope you get the results you want!