Friday, 7 December 2007


Okay, for the second time in a row I slept only about 4 hours. I did have that 3 hour nap yesterday, though, so I'm not entirely exhausted yet. I really should go to bed early, though. Also because tomorrow at noon some people will drop by to pick up the Wii. When I bought the cute little white box a few months ago, I had no idea I'd be migrating to Canada. Funny how things go.

*pokes her brain to make it do something*

Hmm... so I created a new account at Stickam (mayasama) so that I could post on the forum and get back into contact with some people there. Everything seems to be working and I haven't been kicked yet (again). Only weird thing is that I can't use any of the cams, or create my own room ('going live'). Still says I'm banned there. How weird. No, I didn't get a message back from the Stickam staff yet. At this point I'm wondering whether there even is staff. Possibly they've just got some retarded monkeys running around. Who knows.

I'm still playing with thoughts of creating my own community site or so. With fancy 3D environments and such, of course. First I've got to finish all this work, though *sniffles* With some luck and that new web dev project I should have some much-needed cash by the end of this month, though. Meanwhile the new site is coming along nicely too. Finally found some energy to work on it today. I need to get some real sleep, though. I still don't feel like I've woken up yet. Even the vodka I drank earlier seems to have no effect on me, like it did a few days ago (I get really giggly, happy and uninhibited).


Just watched some TV: Have I Got News For You. Really funny BBC show :) QI is up next on BBC2 ^-^ After that I'm so going to bed.

Night, you crazy monkeys with your crazy monkey government~


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grim4593 said...

Oh! Forgot to add before I left for the night...

YAY! New picture. Looks good.