Thursday, 6 December 2007

Finding One's Balance Again~

I slept reasonably well last night. First thing I did was discuss yesterday's blog post with a friend on MSN, about this girl I'm trying to help. He redirected me to the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP, ). There I reported the child porn site I had obtained the link to yesterday. I hope that whoever has been on that site gets tracked down and get whatever they deserve. I really hope that anyone who reads this will also immediately report child porn on the Internet via a site like ASACP.

Currently I'm trying to find the right people to contact in the UK (where the girl lives) to report the abuse. Any hints on this would be very useful.

Things don't stop there, though. The experiences yesterday have made me recall a lot of memories of my own abuse, as well as the stories from other girls. In my case I realized that the reason I didn't say 'no' or tried to fight back was because I thought that I needed the guy, that he was helping me. Obviously nonsense, but at that time one just doesn't seem to realize that. I think that it's the same for many other girls who suffer at the hands of family and/or 'friends'.

In other news, a Swedish guy in my IRC channel informed me today that a female friend of him got raped yesterday. He didn't know by whom. Just thinking about all those monsters out there (they don't deserve to be called 'humans') abusing and raping and murdering innocent children and teenagers is enough to make me feel really sad and really angry at the same time. Things like that just have to be stopped. There's no way anyone with a heart and conscience could just ignore what's going on in the world. And (sexual) abuse even within families isn't rare at all, it's so common it's enough to make one lose all faith in humanity. No wonder so many children grow up so twisted to later hurt their own children in the same way. If that isn't Hell, I don't know what is.

Anyway... in happier news, I discovered via the traffic reports for this blog that there is a thread on me at I have no idea what's in it, only that it links to my blog at least. Registering on the site costs money, so that's a no-go for me. If anyone with an account there could tell me what's on it or provide a screenshot or such, I'd be grateful. I also sent another email to Stickam about my banned account there. Still no response.

So yeah... I pretty much got a big web development job, which should get me some much needed cash. Yay me, and thanks to my Norwegian friend :)

Tomorrow I've got to get up early, because I've got an appointment for the next IPL (hair removal) treatment scheduled early in the morning. Can't wait. It's getting kind of late now, though (12.30 AM) so I'll be going to bed now. See you crazy monkeys tomorrow again :P


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